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Dominik Bat - Cognitus CEO


Katarina Prnjak - Master's degree in Psychology

She won the award for the best student paper in International Strength and Conditioning conference on topic: Eating disorders among athletes. She was lecturer in Probion, presenting topic Psychology and Food to students from various universities. She was also teaching students how to create new habits.


Luka Fistrić - Bachelor in Social Pedagogy (BA)

A longtime member of the Association of Students of Social Pedagogy –Pupovci with whom he participates in creating, planning and executing various projects intended for children and youth, as well as those for college students. He actively volunteers for various NGOs whose primary focus of work stretches from sexual violence and human rights to community-based prevention. His largest interest lies in the fields of prevention science and promotion of mental health.

About us

Cognitus (NGO) first came to life thanks to the collaboration of a handful of enthusiastic college students attending University of Zagreb's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, department of Psychology, as well as Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, department of Social Pedagogy. In this process they were assisted by some of their professors in order to achieve and realize their idea to its full potential.

This association gathers and invites all individual and experts in their respective fields whose common goal is to increase the quality of life in regards to mental health issues, eating disorders, behavioral and other types of addiction.

Cognitus recently started its cooperation with associate professor Neven Ricijaš, also the head of the Department of Behavioral Disorders at Faculty of Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Sciences, whose contribution is most evident in the field of problem gambling which Cognitus often explores.

Moreover, said psychology students and the Association of Students of Social Pedagogy - Pupovci regularly contribute with their knowledge in creating the content for deVicer - a mobile app envisioned as a way of offering help to individuals who struggle with behavioral addiction.

Other activites

In addition to already said, Cognitus also maintains an introductory program where interested high-school students get an insight into the study habits, exam taking procedures and training courses that take place at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb.

In accordance to its statute and available experts, further goals of this association include organizing courses and workshops, as well as providing counseling for individuals suffering from affective disorders and other types of mental health problems.

Dominik Bat, Cognitus CEO