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Can our memory deceive us?

It seems that information acquired after some event can merge with the original memory, which could lead to inaccurate recalling.   People re


Importance of quality sleep

Light coming from technological devices can prompt a long night of wakefulness due to delays in the release of melatonin.   It is widely fami


Misunderstanding ADHD

Children with ADHD are actually capable of paying attention to certain activities, but they have to be intrinsically motivated toward it.  


Internet Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (iCBT)

ICBT was shown to be effective in reducing clinical perfectionism, symptoms of an eating disorder, excessive exercising, anxiety, and depression.


Perfectionism and well-being

People with elevated perfectionism are prone to procrastination – they will postpone the task if they believe the outcome won’t be perfect.   


Who believes in conspiracy theories?

Extreme political orientation, paranoid cognitive style, and non-analytical thinking are some of the characteristics associated with believing in conspiracy theories.


How to manage stress?

Both problem-focused and emotion-focused strategies are useful for people, depending on what type of the situation is causing stress.   There


The diffusion of responsibility

With the increase in the number of people in a situation when somebody needs help, the chances of taking any action are reduced. In social ps


The Marshmallow experiment today

The capability of gratification delay in young children nowadays seems to be enhanced. In the last century, one experiment became widely fam


The Other Side of Fitness - Muscle Dysmorphia

A larger problem ensues when described symptoms become present in the regular population of people who are using the gym – people who are not professional bodybuilders